African Bracelet Adinkra Unisex Black Beaded The Blacker The Berry®

The Blacker The Berry

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The stretch bracelets are 7.25 inches long. The beads are a mix of African and agate gemstones. The centerpiece is the Adinkra symbol, which was made in Ghana using old tools and the wax technique. Please expect some imperfections. They should be rolled on. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.
PEMPAMSIE "sew in readiness" a symbol of readiness, steadfastness, hardiness

Our products are not intended for babies or children as we use small pieces, wires and beads. These can be dangerous to them when unsupervised. Gift boxes and gift messages are available for your special orders. If you need the sizes in cm,mm or in other sizes we will provide that information. Contact us at blackertheberry @ for any questions. Please feel free to leave a review and thank you for supporting our small business The Blacker The Berry®.Check us out at for our big sale!!

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