Coffee Lovers Jewelry Set Bracelet Necklace Women

The Blacker The Berry

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The set is a sterling silver plate necklace with a silver coffee cup. The charm bracelets are 7 1/2 inches which are stainless steel. The charms are a mix of silver, glass and stainless steel. They are adjustable by pushing on the toggles. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Our products are not intended for babies or children as we use small pieces, wires and beads. These can be dangerous to them when unsupervised. We do refund shipping overages. Gift boxes are available for special orders, contact us to include price and message to order. If you need the sizes in cm,mm or in other sizes we will provide that information. Contact us at for any questions. Please feel free to leave a review and thank you for supporting our small business The Blacker The Berry®.

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